Environmental Studies, Associate of Science

The Environmental Studies Program is recommended for students planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in environmental studies, environmental science, environmental policy, or related fields. The Environmental Studies Program requires fundamental biology, chemistry, and mathematics courses integral to the study of the environment, with additional course options in areas of economics, health, and policy. Students in this program are encouraged to consider the program requirements of their desired transfer institution as they make their course selections.


Learning Foundations Overall Requirements
Science Requirement for Env. Studies A.S.
Social Sci. Requirement for Envir. Studies A.S.
General Education - Information Technology
Optional Elective Credit
  • Take 1 credit, if necessary, in order to bring your total credits for this program to the 60 required for graduation.
18 Credits At the 2000 Level
  • You must take at least 18 credits of 2000-level courses in order to graduate in this program. Courses listed below count toward that requirement.



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