PED-1030 - Lifetime Fitness/Leisure Act

Develops athletic abilities from beginner through intermediate skill levels; explores how to experience wellness and stay active throughout one's life. Class also includes lectures and textbook information to help students stay healthier through the understanding of total wellness. Weight Training: Circuit Weight Training: a series of strength and aerobic exercises using various weight machines and stationary cycles. Weight Training and Conditioning: weight training programs designed for the individual student. Weight Training and Water Workout: a combination of weight training and water exercise. Sports: Baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, karate, racquetball, and tennis. Courses are designed to introduce beginner and intermediate students to the skills, theories, fundamentals, strategies, etiquette, and safety considerations of these activities. Aerobic Base: Step aerobics for beginning and intermediate students. Activities include other aerobic activities, muscle toning, use of hand weights and nutritional information. Cardio Kickboxing, Aerobic Dance and Cardio Fitness are classes with an emphasis on cardiorespiratory endurance. Swimming: Beginner, intermediate and advanced swimming classes are offered. Courses include instruction on strokes, skills and water safety. Water exercise classes include water workout, aquatics, and a combination class that includes weight training and water workout. Classes are taught in shallow water as well as deep water. Ability to swim is not necessary, buoyancy belts are provided for individuals on request. Social Dance: Ballroom I: Basic skills associated with leading and following are introduced. Dances include Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Cha Cha and Merengue. Ballroom II: More advanced figures in dances than level I. Dances include the Tango, Rhumba, Polka, Mambo and Disco. Country Western: Basic steps are introduced for the Texas two-step, Country Waltz, Shuffle, and Cha Cha. Various line and circle dances are also introduced. Hand Dancing: Basic steps are introduced, turns, start, release and not release turns, wraps, swings, along with history and etiquette. Other classes available: Bowling, Walking and Hiking.
Academic Level
Undergraduate Level
Physical Education
Health and Human Performance
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