NUR-1070 - EMT-P to RN Transition Option

Designed to prepare paramedics for entry into the second yer of the Associate Degree Nursing program. Information from the first-year nursing program courses is presented in a condensed format. The patient-neds framework of the curriculum, and nursing process will be explored. Students are presented with effective methodsd of stress management, test-taking skills, and critical thinking cncepts. The nursing role is discussed with emphasis on health maintenance, health promotion, physiological and psychosocial integrity and adaptation. Pharmacological concepts will be integrated throughout the course content. Topics also include role transition, nursing process, documentation, communication, legal and ethical issues. The Prince George's Community College framework will be examined. Selected content for the first year of the asociate degree program include acute and chronic health disorders, care of the patients during all phases of the child-bearing cycle, disorders and disease affecting the female and male reproductive tract, and dosage calculations. Supervised clinica practice in selected long-term, acute care, and mother-baby setting is correlated with classroom and campus lab experience. Upon successful completion of this course the student is eligible to enroll into the second year of the nursing program. (Offered Summer only for 10 weeks.) 4 class hours/10 clinical hours (for 6 weeks)/3.5 lab hours.
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Undergraduate Level
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