TED-2750 - Fieldwork in Early Child Ed.

Designed to provide the student with "real life" experiences in a center for young children or an elementary school's prekindergarten through third grade classroom. Students will complete 6 hours per week (2 days per week, each for a 3-hour block of teaching time) at a college-assigned field work site. This experience will take place under the guidance of both an experienced teacher and a college supervisor. Students will also complete weekly course work, both online and through several on-campus meetings. The focus of this capstone course is on the development of the necessary teaching skills to maintain an effective learning environment. These skills include: lesson planning, implementation, and reflection; pedagogy, curriculum planning and assessment; classroom management; and effective communication with other professionals, students, and families. A grade of "C" or better is required for graduation. This is a Capstone Course for the Early Childhood A.A.S. and A.A.T. programs. Students are expected to have a 2.00 cumulative GPA and to have completed at least 47 credit hours of relevant coursework before enrolling in this course. (Formerly ECE 2620. Students may not receive credit for both TED 2750 and ECE 2620.) 2 class hours/6 field hours.
Academic Level
Undergraduate Level
Teacher Education
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