SOR-300 - Student Orientation & Reg.

Get Ready to SOAR at Prince George's Community College! The first step toward your academic success is to attend SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration). SOAR is a mandatory one-day, one-time, one-stop opportunity all new students with less than 12 college credits have to complete. It is a beneficial program that orients new students to the college and includes advising and assistance with registration. When scheduling your SOAR date, keep in mind that the earlier you attend SOAR, the better course availability you will have for your upcoming semester course schedule. You must take the placement exam PRIOR to attending your SOAR session. Please bring the printout of your placement test scores with you to your scheduled SOAR program. Late arrivals after 15 minutes will result in denied attendance. Students will have to re-schedule. *Michigan sessions are for targeted for English as a Second Language (ESL) students who completed the Michigan Placement Test ONLY. **Hybrid sessions are for students who take their placement test at that location only and students are required to complete Pre-SOAR assignments prior to their session. Failure to comply will result in denied attendance. Students will have to reschedule. ** Email or call 301-341-3037 should you incur any concerns with registering.
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Student Orientation and Reg.
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