YTH-317 - Basketball Clinic

If you love basketball and want to learn more about the game, come to the Basketball Day Clinic this summer at Prince George's Community College. The clinic will be under the supervision of Mr. John Wiley, head basketball coach at PGCC, and Joel Dearring, assistant men's basketball coach, and will be staffed with qualified basketball personnel. College varsity basketball players will serve as counselors. The clinic consist of quality instruction and participation in all phases of the game of basketball: rules interpretation, timing, scoring, playing skill, and actual game play. In addition, there will be lectures and films on basketball. Participants will be placed in groups according to age and ability. All activities will be supervised by the staff. Bring a T-shirt, gym shorts, sweat socks, gym shoes, towel and lunch (or money to purchase lunch). Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Since space is limited, you need to register early. Registrations must be received by August 2. Extended care is not available for this clinic. For additional information about the Basketball Day Clinic, call the Athletic Department at (301) 322-0513 between 10 a.m.-4:-00 p.m. Because this is a scholarship fundraiser, there are no tuition waivers of any kind.
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