SKB-568 - Teaching Adult Learners

If you are excited about the challenge of reaching and teaching adult learners, you're in the right place! In this course, you will discover ways to motivate adult students by tapping into their learning styles, interests, and needs. In addition, you will be taught dozens of powerful teaching techniques that will keep your adult learners excited and help them absorb your material effortlessly. We will also talk about planning your course, creating a welcoming classroom setting, and using educational aids and technology. And finally, we will discuss classroom discipline, talk about creating tests, and look at tools you can use to measure your students' performance. If you are training to teach adults, the information and hands-on activities in this course will give you the confidence you need to succeed-and you will know all the tricks and techniques for winning over this fun, exciting, and very demanding group of students.
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Skill Building
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