VET-313 - Prep for Vet Asst Trng Program

Brush up your basic skills and prepare to start your classroom and clinical training to become a veterinary assistant. This nine-hour preliminary course is required for all students who wish to take the veterinary assistant series of courses. Topics include: problem solving skills, written and verbal communication, and math for medications, confidentiality, professionalism, ethics, classroom and clinical conduct. Activities and tests will be scored on a point system. Students will be required to have a cumulative score of 90-120 points to continue on to the Veterinary Assistant Courses series. Prerequisites: students must be a minimum of 18 years of age before class starts and must successfully complete the reading comprehension placement test before registering for the first course. Pick up a placement test referral from the Continuing Education Desk in Bladen Hall, Room 126.
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Veterinary Technician
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