INT-1000 - Using a Personal Computer

Preparation for students who lack fundamental computer skills and experience and designed to be taken prior to enrolling in INT 1010, or upon advice after screening on the first day of INT 1010. Students gain familiarity and comfort with using a personal computer and are introduced to using a keyboard and a mouse to operate a personal computer, using the touch keying system. Topics include navigating the World Wide Web; using a word processor to enter text; saving, opening, and modifying files using secondary storage media. (Note: Does not satisfy program concentration requirement in INT-related curricula. May NOT be taken for credit if credit has previously been received for INT 1010 or higher. May be substituted for INT 1250.) Formerly offered as CIS 1000. Students may not receive credit for both CIS 1000 and INT 1000. 1 class/1 lab hour.
Academic Level
Undergraduate Level
Information Technology
Information & Engineering Tech
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