OCC-436 - Auto Tech: Tools and Uses

This course covers tools and equipment use in the automotive service and repair industry, and the correct application of such tools. It also provides students with the awareness of hazardous material and health along with environmental and legal implications associated with handling these materials. Upon completion of this course, student will be taught how to work safely, without causing injuries to self or colleagues, or causing damage to vehicles. Students will also understand the importance of pollution control and how to protect the employers and self from OSHA violations. Topics include: Hand Tools - hammers, mallets, wrenches, wrenches & sockets, screwdrivers & nut drivers, torque drivers, pliers, pullers, vices, clamps, files, punches, drills, extractors, tap and die sets, fasteners. Power Tools - impact wrenches & power ratchets, impact hammer, grinding and cutting tools, chisels. Measuring Tools - vernier caliper, micro meter, dial indicators and feeler gauges. Electrical & Electronic Tools - scanners, digital multi-meters, power probe. Lifting & Support Equipment - vehicle lift, jacks, jack stands, engine and transmission supports. Shop Equipment - tire mount and balance machine. Simple Maintenance & Repair - replace vehicle oil, drain and fill engine coolant, brake pad and rotor replacement, brake bleeding procedure. OSHA Regulations & Safety. Instructor: Carlos Smith.
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