MGT-312 - Sustainability Facility Profnl

This course leads to the Sustainable Facility Management (SFP) credential. In Focus Area 1: Strategy and Alignment, this course summarizes key concepts related to sustainable facility management from the organizational level and illustrates linkages and actions facility managers must take into consideration in order to make the business case for sustainability in their own facilities. In Focus Area 2: Managing Sustainable Facilities, this course looks in depth at the process of aligning a facility's sustainability plan with an organization's vision, strategic goals and policies. It takes the same strategies promoted in an SFP's business case for sustainability within the organization, and provides the details behind the plans to prepare for, lead and implement those changes. Finally, in Focus Area 3: Operating Sustainable Facilities, he course looks at ways in which SFPs can operate their facilities in a more sustainable manner through changes in building equipment and technology as well as changes in operations and maintenance procedures. Focus area 3 is organized around the eight major categories of sustainable facility management-energy, water, materials and resources, workplace management, indoor environmental quality, quality of services, waste and site impact-from inputs, through facility processes, to outputs. Note: members of the IFMA Chesapeake Chapter must register for syn# 80399 to get the discounted price; non-members must register for syn# 80400.
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