LAW-518 - Mediator Ethics

This course is a focused review of the ethical standards of mediator practices. Students will have an opportunity to review the topic of ethics through group discussions, role plays and video presentations to gain a deeper appreciation of the rules, values and "real world" norms in the practice of mediation. This course satisfies the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence Standards of Conduct for Mediators. The course will include a review of mediator requirements under the Maryland Standards of Conduct for Mediators and Title 17 of the Maryland Rules. Students who have completed the 40-hour basic mediation training and anyone interested in understanding how to make ethical decisions in their mediation practice, gain an appreciation of ethical norms of the profession, and enhance ethical competency are encouraged to attend this class. A certificate of completion will be issued upon successful completion of the course.
Academic Level
Continuing Education Level
Law Enforce./Police Academy
Continuing Ed - Open Classes
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