ART-316 - Introduction to Metal Clay

Curious about Metal Clay? Tiny particles of fine silver suspended in an organic binder and water, creating a pliable material with a consistency similar to modeling clay. Metal Clay can be worked with the fingers or simple tools to create beautiful fine silver. This class is designed to offer basic instruction in metal clay techniques. You will complete your pendant by kiln firing. Torch firing will be demonstrated, so you can continue to work at home without a kiln. No stone setting or inclusions. Have fun creating one-of-a-kind pendent and earrings. This class will not cover wire wrapping, or adding beads to the pendant to keep the costs to a minimum. Instructor: Barbara Hance. Purchase Class Kit from instructor for $75.26 (package 20 grams Art Clay Silver $65, pair Sterling Silver French Ear wires $6, tax $4.26). Use of tools, paste, textures, work surface, and tumbler during class.
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