HTI-320 - Networking Basics Step-By-Step

This course is intended for anyone interested in understanding the basics of configuring a home (peer-to-peer) or small business (Client/Server) computer network. This is a great course for anyone that would like a better understanding of how home computers or business networks function. The student will learn how to configure a small network for home or business, create user accounts and groups, and assign permissions to resources they share on the network. Students can use their newly learned skills to use more features on their home computers or to develop a fundamental knowledge about Windows 7 and networking that can help them in future courses geared towards certification. Properly learn how to share files, folders, videos, music, etc. between multiple computers. Learn how to share information from a friend?s computer to your home network. The course will cover DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP and other configurable network features. This is a hands-on course?not simulated. The student will download and install\configure VMware, Virtual-PC, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Server 2008.
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Home Office Technology
Continuing Ed - Open Classes
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