DPR-719 - Introduction to Windows 8

You will start by exploring how to move around within Windows 8 with the new Start screen, Charms bar, and desktop. You will find out how to manage apps and programs on the Start screen and how to customize the Start screen and desktop areas. Finding files and folders on your Windows 8 system is easy, and you will be taught how, whether you are looking for files stored on your hard drive or on an external drive. You will also see how to create basic text documents using WordPad and discover how to organize, manage, and edit photos in Windows 8. Finally, you will gain an understanding of how to protect your files, update Windows 8, and access the Internet with Windows 8's new Internet Explorer browser. By the time you finish this course, you will be ready to have more fun with Windows 8 and be more productive in your work.
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Data Processing
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