OCC-426 - Motorcycle Basic Rider Refresh

This optional three (3) hour refresher course is designed for Prince George's Community College BRC or ABRC students who need to "re-test" for their Maryland or DC motorcycle license, or for any beginning, licensed riders who want to brush up on their riding skills for more confidence when riding on the road. Class will provide practice in starting, stopping, clutch/throttle control, turning, shifting and crash avoidance skills. Practice will take place on our MVA certified riding range and includes training bike and all equipment. Licensed riders are encouraged to use their own motorcycles. Personal motorcycles must be street legal, in good operating condition and pass a routine pre-ride check given as part of the course. Students must come wearing a long-sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants, sturdy low-heeled shoes or boots that cover the ankle-bone. If using your own helmet, it must be a DOT-certified helmet that completely covers the ears and eye protection (face shield, goggles, or even ordinary spectacles or sunglasses).
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