HTI-330 - Operating Sys & Server Fund

This is the third and final course in a three-course "IT foundation" program. It is designed to complete the student's IT foundation development, preparing the student for the demanding certification classes. Upon completion of this three-class program, the student will be prepared to effectively begin their preferred certification pathway with the strong fundamental skills they have developed. Students will be informed enough to choose the certification pathway that is most appropriate for them, such as Cisco, Microsoft or cyber security. This course is intended for dedicated learners interested in increasing their knowledge of operating systems and networking. Learn how to: manage devices, install and upgrade client systems, manage applications, manage files and folders, configure operating systems, install and configure server software, create server roles, work with Active Directory, manage group policies, configure RAID, performance monitoring, backup and recovery, maintenance tools , updates and methodologies for configuration and maintenance. It can be used as part of a student's preparation for CompTIA and Microsoft Exams.
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Home Office Technology
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