VID-336 - Digital Storytelling

This course provides hands-on training in basic skills for producing digital stories using photos, video, graphics, music and narration. Participants will explore innovative web tools and multimedia applications to create short three to five-minute digital stories for personal, organizational or educational use. The course includes an introduction to script writing, selecting and preparing images, audio and video recording, and using editing software to integrate images and audio. This course is ideal for individuals interested in creating a digital story about their life or family; organizations interested in producing a compelling story about their cause or mission; and for educators interested in creating academic content for teaching and learning. Participants will write their own script, record their narration, and utilize still images, video and music to produce their own digital stories. Through the use of guided computer tutorials and instructor support, participants will be enabled to edit their own stories on Mac computers. Participants will be emailed materials prior to the workshop to assist them in preparation, including suggestions about scripts, image selection and use of video clips. Prerequisite: basic computer knowledge, Mac preferred, (including internet use), ability to navigate computer files and folders and ability to use basic word processing programs.
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