DPR-796 - Intermediate Flash CS5

If you have a basic understanding of Flash techniques and you are eager to create more sophisticated and powerful Flash movies and applications, this course will take your Flash skills to the next level. You will start by examining the versatile Movie Clip symbol, using it to create Flash movies-animations and special effects-inside other Flash movies. Then you will delve into ActionScript and learn how to turn your simple SWFs into epic Flash masterpieces. For example, you will learn how to write a single script that controls hundreds (even thousands) of objects based on user input. Interactivity that goes beyond simple buttons is crucial to many types of Flash applications. In these lessons, you'll find out how to use ActionScript to develop interactive courses, surveys, quizzes, and tests, using scripts that make decisions, count and keep track of user choices, and tally up and report the results. In addition, you will learn how to compose and use external ActionScript Class files to extend Flash's capabilities. External ActionScript files allow you to use the same scripts across multiple SWFs, as well as to create SWFs that load and interact with other SWFs-the secret to creating in-depth, multifaceted Flash applications. While this course is heavy on useful, everyday ActionScript examples, it's not just about programming. You will also try your hand at advanced Flash animation techniques, learning high-end Motion Editor skills for creating artistic transitions and other animated effects. In addition, you'll discover the secrets for creating intriguing Flash effects with advanced Bone tool features that make your IK bones appear more lifelike and believable, as well as the Deco tool, Spray Brush tool, Layer Masks, Onion Skins
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