SKB-728 - Homeschool With Success

You will see how to find the laws and regulations that govern your community. As you discover what you need to know to homeschool your children, you will also become familiar with the terminology the homeschool community uses. To ensure you are well prepared to meet your children's needs, we will discuss learning styles and how they affect homeschooling. You will learn how to take your children out of school and make their transition to homeschooling both fun and effective. We will talk about children that need extra attention, both special needs and gifted, and a variety of types of homeschooling so you can choose the one that best fits your family's lifestyle. You will see how homeschooling gives you the opportunity to socialize your children as well as build long-lasting and productive relationships with peers and adults. You will also find out how homeschooling gives you unique opportunities to teach valuable life skills. From manners to money management, you can be sure your children master subjects that don't make it into most textbooks.
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