Health Sciences Collegian Center

  • Health Sciences Collegian Center 

    Our Mission

    To create an environment infused with student centered learning experiences, that stimulate critical thinking, improve academic performance, increase exposure to career options and opportunities in the health sciences, and promote students’ personal identification with their chosen health science career path. This is accomplished through faculty mentoring, peer tutoring, practice exam sessions, professional and student led presentations, and peer interactions. 

    Membership Criteria

    Students already accepted into one of the Health Science Programs
    are eligible for membership and are encouraged to participate in collegian center activities.
    • Nursing
    • Emergency Medicine – Intermediate & Paramedic
    • Health Information Management
    • Nuclear Medicine Technology
    • Radiography
    • Respiratory Therapy

    Program Features and Activities
    • Practice exam sessions
    • Professional presentations
    • Professional development
      • Peer poster presentations
      • Peer-led case presentations
    • Peer tutoring
    • Faculty support (mentoring)
    • Alternative learning activities
      • Health themed movies
      • Lunch box learning sessions
      • Accountable talk (support sessions, led by nurse career mentor)

    Benefits of HSCC membership and participation
    • Improved academic performance
    • Enhanced clinical acumen
    • Higher state and national licensure exam scores
    • Enhanced professional identification and presentation
    • Professional networking opportunities
    • More positive, less stressful college experience

    The Health Sciences Collegian Center is made possible by a Grant awarded to Prince George's Community College by the Health Services Cost Review Commission under the auspices of the Nurse Support Program II Grant Program.