STEM Collegian Center





    Mission Statement
    The STEM Collegian Center goal is to provide a supportive and rewarding environment to encourage, improve, and commend student success in Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and related fields. This is accomplished through academics, faculty mentoring, internships, student projects, field trips, conferences, and peer interaction.

    Membership Criteria and Responsibilities
    • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5
    • Contact faculty mentor at least twice each month
    • Participate in two or more STEM Collegian Center activities per semester
    • Participate in at least one hour of civic engagement (volunteer service) per semester
    • Participate in assessment surveys and activities to help improve the Center
    • Keep the STEM Collegian Center advised of changes in contact information
    • Participate in periodic tracking surveys (by phone, mail, or email) for a period of five years after leaving the STEM Collegian Center (Responses to tracking surveys will help improve the Center and opportunities for future students.)

    Program Features and Activities
    • Access to internships (research opportunities)
    • Faculty support (mentoring)
    • Peer interaction and support
    • Field trips
    • Seminars and workshops
    • Design contests
    • Academic enrichment
    • Professional development (resume writing, shadowing, etc.)
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Scholarship opportunities
    • Student and faculty excellence recognition