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  • Honors Course Formats

    An Honors course is a closed section created for students who are members of or are academically eligible for the Honors Program at the time of registration. Honors students can register for Honors courses on their own through OwlLink.  Honors sections are smaller sections with a maximum enrollment of 20 students. They are offered in five different formats: classroom, hybrid, online, blended and contracts.


    Honors classroom courses are often taught in a seminar-style format to foster an active, collaborative learning environment through discussion, debate, reflection and student- lead activities. Honors courses may offer value-added components including but not limited to service learning, practicum, field trips, film series, independent research, conference participation, and web-enhanced discussion and assignments.


    Honors hybrid courses offer Honors students the opportunity to attend class in person in combination with web-enhanced instruction, assignments and discussion offered online.


    Honors online courses offer Honors students the same opportunities and enrichments as Honors face-to- face sections but in an online environment. Online courses require students to be self- directed, independent learners who are able to communicate effectively with the professor and their peers.

    Online courses allow a student more flexibility in when work is done. However, online courses are just as rigorous and require at least as much time, if not more, than do face-to-face versions. Online students must have good computer equipment and Internet access at home to facilitate success. Online students also need to be very self-disciplined. Get more information about online courses at PGCC.

    Honors Blended Sections

    An Honors blended section is an Honors course offered concurrently with a non-Honors section. Both sections meet at the same time and day, in the same classroom, and are taught by the same faculty member. As in an Honors course, enrollment is limited. The two sections combined will total 20 students. Honors blended sections offer Honors students the opportunity to undertake Honors level work in courses that lack sufficient enrollment to be offered exclusively as Honors sections.

    Classroom instruction will be the same for Honors and non-Honors students. However, course syllabi, assignments, grading rubrics and out-of-class research will be differentiated between the Honors and non-Honors sections. Honors students may be assigned to work together in and outside of class on additional or different assignments as they relate the course content and learning objectives. Students taking the course for Honors credit will be on a separate roster and will receive an Honors notation on their academic transcript.

    Honors Contracts

    An Honors contract is an agreement between a professor and a student to undertake accelerated, in-depth study of the material while enrolled in a non-Honors course. Honors contracts allow students to engage in Honors work and receive Honors credit for courses not offered in the Honors curriculum. Students must complete an Honors contract eligibility form before beginning to prepare the contract. The faculty member must prepare, in consultation with the Honors student, a detailed statement of work to be performed, including the assignments, deadlines, percentages and rubric for evaluating the work. The student, faculty and department chair and division dean must review and approve this supplemental statement of work. The document must be returned to the Honor Program coordinator by the dean or dean for approval no later than the third week of the semester. Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average to complete the Honors contract.

    Students who successfully complete an Honors face-to-face, online, hybrid or Honors contract will receive an Honors notation on their academic transcript at the end of the semester.