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Honors Faculty

  • Contact Information

    The Honors Program,
    Marlboro Hall, 1089

    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday, 8am to 4pm


    301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774


    (301) 546-7530


    (301) 546-0456

    Email us:


    Honors Faculty 2014-2015

    Kathy Yorkshire Honors Program Coordinator M-1087 301-546-0433
    Yuda Anriany Asst. Honors Program Coordinator M-1090 301-546-5293
    Lindsey Dodson Asst. Honors Program Coordinator M-1090 301-546-5293
    Dolores Sesker-Jones Honors Program Office Associate M-1089 301-546-7530
    Beth Baldwin English M-3071 301-546-0564
    Akpene Banini Nutrition CHS-2428 3015460140
    Sonia Bell Psychology M-2025 301-546-3065
    Korey Brown History M-2028 301-546-0535
    Marlene Cohen Communication and Theatre QA-107 301-546-0177
    Ken Conley Art M-1036 301-546-0968
    Clyde Ebenreck Philosophy B-310A 301-546-0947
    Mary Falkey Accounting B-210 301-546-0769
    Melinda Frederick Political Science M-2030 301-546-0536
    Gary Fry Theatre QA-113 301-546-0932
    Anthony Fulton English M-3095 301-546-0585
    Esther Hanson Psychology M-2036 301-546-0555
    Michele Hardy English M-3057 301-546-0596
    Mike Henry History M-3062 301-546-0525
    Chris Hunt Physical Science CH-310A 301-546-0429
    Alan Kahn Sociology M-2020 301-546-0543
    Michele Klein Biology CH-210F 301-546-0420
    Nelson Kofie Sociology M-1089 301-546-0433
    Dawn Lewis Psychology M-2038 301-546-7587
    Risikat Okedeyi English M-3059 301-546-0588
    Peter Panyon Biology CH-210B 301-546-3022
    Wanda Parham-Payne Sociology M-2027 301-546-0525
    Wendy Perkins English M-3058 301-546-0570
    David Rollins Biology CH 210H 301-546-0420
    Jon Rudd History M-2079 301-546-0492
    Tanika Smith Speech Communication QA-201B 301-546-0931
    Jeffrey Snodgrass English M-3064 301-546-0603
    Sally Sullivan Information and Engineering Technology CAT-229F 301-546-0775
    Dennis Sullivan Sociology M-2037 301-546-0541
    Janice Wright Education M-2011 301-546-0445