Honors Program Admission

  • You are eligible to join the Honors Program if you have:

    1.  Been admitted to Prince George’s Community College.
    2. A minimum SAT Verbal score of 550, OR minimum Accuplacer scores of 95 for Reading and 108 for Sentence Skills.
    3. Tested into DVM 0071 or higher.
    4. A grade of A in EGL 1010.
    5. A minimum GPA of 3.0.

    Complete and return the application now to become a member of the Honors Program where your academic best will be recognized, appreciated, and rewarded.

    If you have any questions about the Honors Program;

    Download the Honors Program Application Form.

    Application (PDF)

    Send your completed application to:

    Honors Coordinator
    The Honors Program, Marlboro Hall -1089
    Prince George’s Community College
    301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774 

  • Contact Information

    The Honors Program,
    Marlboro Hall, 1089

    Office Hours:

    Monday - Friday, 8am to 4pm


    301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774


    (301) 546-7530


    (301) 546-0456

    Email us: