New Student Orientation (SOAR)

  • All new students to Prince George's Community College with 11 or less credits must complete a New Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) Session.  Prior to attending an in-person SOAR session or meeting with an academic advisor at any of our locations, all new students must complete the Mandatory Pre-Assignments and take the Accuplacer or Michigan Placement Test (or have SAT/ACT/Official transcripts from all previously attended schools).

    SOAR is available to students through four formats at four locations. 

    SOAR is available in 4 formats:
    1) Face-To-Face Day
    2) Face-To-Face Evening
    3) Michigan Only (for students who've completed the Michigan Placement Exam Only
    4) Online (available after July 15 & December 15)

    SOAR is offered at the following Prince George's Community College locations: 
    1) Largo (Main Campus),
    2) Laurel College Center (for students who've completed their
    placement exam at LCC Only)
    3) University Town Center (for students who've completed their
    placement exam at UTC Only; Online Only), and
    4) Joint Base Andrews (for students who have prior/cleared access to Andrews Air Force Base Only; Online Only) 

    1. HAVEN Violence Prevention Training

    Haven is an online sexual violence prevention training provided by our Violence Prevention Center.  As a new student, Haven will provide you with the tools needed to prevent sexual assault and similar forms of violence from occurring in our community.  Please note that Haven is a required training that all new students must complete.  You must complete this training prior to registering for classes for the Summer/Fall 2016 semester.  

    You will need to create an Everfi Higher Education account in order to access and complete Haven independently. HAVEN is embedded in the next mandatory pre-assignment: PREVIEW TO PGCC.  It is Module 15.

    Keep in mind that Haven is comprised of two sections.  The first section includes a pre survey, pre quiz, modules and post survey.  The second section includes an intercession survey and final modules.

    Please note that the intercession survey and final modules section must be completed 30 days after the date that you have completed the first section. 

    Proof of completion
    To receive credit for completing HAVEN, please screen shot or print a copy of the final page to show a staff member upon check in to your in-person SOAR Orientation. Please click here to view samples of the proof of completion for HAVEN.


    All new students must complete the online PREVIEW TO Prince George's Community College (PGCC) before attending their in-person SOAR session or meeting with an Academic Advisor. It is approximately an hour long. 

    To access the PREVIEW TO PGCC, please click this link: PREVIEW TO PGCC Pre-Assignment. 

    The PREVIEW has 17 modules and a quiz at the end. Read the directions to access the quiz. You must successfully pass the quiz with a 70% or higher.

    You will need to print your Completion Certificate and show it to the staff during Check-In. Failure to arrive on time or complete your PREVIEW TO PGCC Pre-Assignment could result in denied entry to your scheduled session. Please click here to view a sample certificate for proof of completion of the Preview to PGCC assignment. 

    Check-in for New Student Orientation (SOAR) sessions are 30 minutes prior to the session start time.   Please be prompt!

    In order to reserve your seat and maximize your time at one of the New Student Orientation (SOAR) sessions, it is very important for you to have completed your placement test(s) and applied for Student Financial Aid ( 


    1.  Click here or visit

    2. Under Category Details section, select "SOAR Session" in the box that is titled Event Category.

    3. Hit the “Search” button.
      •  The available SOAR sessions will be displayed. Once you identify the SOAR session that best fits your schedule, please click on the title of the session, which is a link. You will then click the “Register” button.
    4. Please login with the information that you used for your application for admission to the college.
      • If you cannot remember your login information, please click on the “Forgot My Password” option to reset your password.
      • If you did not apply for admission online or are unable to reset your password, please click on the “Create an Account” option.

    5. Upon completion of the registration form, please click the “Register” button.

    6. Congratulations, you are now registered for your SOAR session!
    • If you forget the information for your SOAR session, please visit and look under “Events” to view your upcoming SOAR session information.
    • Please bring with you: Your proof of completion of Preview to PGCC, proof of completion of HAVEN, and your placement test results.

    ***Michigan specific sessions are only for students who’ve taken the Michigan Placement Test***

    Please arrive on time. Late arrivals can be asked to reschedule.

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