Upward Bound (TRiO)

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  • Upward Bound is a federally funded TRiO program  that serves high school students from as early as 9th grade and assists them through their transition to college. One of the program's main objectives is to stimulate students interest in completing a Bachelors degree. We create a college atmosphere for our students, by making the program educational, innovative and fun. Participation in field trips, cultural activities, and an annual banquet also add to the available opportunities.

    TRiO Upward Bound, headquartered at Prince George's Community College, offers academic instruction; tutoring, and guidance to high school students from (5) five Prince George's County High Schools.

    The program has an academic component from September through June, which includes tutorial sessions and biweekly Saturday instructional workshops. The summer session lasts six weeks and covers an intensive program for regular high school students.

    The summer curriculum covers Math, Physics, Chemistry, English Composition and Literature, Computer Education, Introductory Spanish, and extracurricular activities that range from basketball to study skills. All activities and academics are designed to assist with college survival skills. For the senior bridge students, the program includes enrollment in three to six college credits.

    Who Can Join The Program?

    • High School Students (grades 9 or 10)
    • Students whose family income meets guidelines established by the US Department of Education
    • First generation college bound students (parent or guardian has not earned a bachelor's degree)
    • Students who exhibit an interest and have a strong potential for a college education        


    • Attend one of the following target high schools:
      1. Central
      2. Charles H. Flowers
      3. Duval
      4. Parkdale
      5. Suitland

    How To Apply To Upward Bound

    Applicants may download the Preliminary Application or pick it up from your guidance counselor at your high school. When you receive the preliminary application you must:

    1. Fill it out as completely as possible.
    2. Return your completed application with parent/guardian signature to your guidance office or to the Upward Bound office by the deadline - usually by the first week in October. Your guidance office will forward the applications to Upward Bound by the deadline.
    3. Once we receive the application we will inform you of your status, and will request the necessary information to determine if you are eligible.
    4. You will be notified by mail if you meet the minimal qualifications and will be asked to complete an original application packet to include recommendations from a teacher, counselor, and a self-recommendation form.
    5. Once all required documents have been received, you will be notified regarding your full acceptance into the program.
    6. The process is comprehensive, but most who qualify will have a chance to be accepted.