Career Services

    The world is constantly changing. Recent events have altered the employment landscape. Today's workers can expect many job changes and career shifts during their lives. Bad news? Not if you know how to make the most of who you are and what you do. Knowing how to manage your career leads to all kinds of exciting possibilities. But it also means that you have to know yourself and be able to skillfully communicate what you can do and how you can contribute to an organization. Here are some ideas you should explore:
    • Know Yourself and Your Value in the Workplace...
      What are your unique talents, skills and interests? How can you use these to build a meaningful career? What skills do employers want and where is the market for the skills you have? How can you increase your value to an organization through education and training?
    • Know Where You're Going...
      A career is different from a job. A job is a specific set of tasks you agree to do for an employer in exchange for pay. A career is the work history you build in a particular field. A job can help you pay your bills and ideally contributes to the growth of your career. If you aren't sure about what career is best for you, spending the time to look at who you are and what you want out of life is an important first step.
    • Plan How to Get There...
      No matter where you are in the career planning process, our college has programs and services to help you select an energizing career and design strategies to get the kind of work that brings you the greatest satisfaction. 

    Career Services Programs

    The Career Services staff can assist you in all stages of career planning.  This includes career exploration, choice of college major, assistance through career transitions, and help in obtaining internships that align with your major.  Career advisors will assist in identifying career goals that use your skills, interests, and values.  Job hunting strategies, interviewing techniques, and resume writing are provided to those seeking employment.  The office also maintains job and internship announcements for positions in the metropolitan area.  Employers visit throughout the year to recruit and interview students for job openings. 

    Career Guidance

    Career Services uses the following software to assist in exploring and choosing a career to fit your individual needs:

    • Eureka Skills
    • Strong Interest Inventory
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • Optimal Resume
    • Kuder 
    • Discover

    Job Assistance

    Career Services can help you develop job skills and learn to access information to conduct effective job searches, including:

    • CareerNet  is a state-wide computer system that allows you to search the Maryland Job Bank, register for employment services online, get Maryland labor market and training information, and access internet employment-related sites which are free and open to the community.
    • Job announcements from employers and government agencies, including permanent, temporary, full-time and part-time positions are listed organized by occupational area. 
    • Resume and interviewing assistance is provided throught workshops, software programs, library resources, and individual advising.
    • Job Fairs and Career Fairs are held every spring and fall for employers to recruit students for available jobs.
    • Employers come on-campus to recruit students throughout the year.  Check with the Career Center for additional information.
    • Career advisors offer free workshops throughout each semester on a variety of topics to assist students with career decisions, resumes, job interview skills, and internships.
    • Career Assessment and Planning (CAP) courses are taught each semester to assist students in choosing a college major and planning for a career.

    Internships and Cooperative Education

    Internships and Cooperative Education provide on-the-job training related to your academic or career major.  Students combine study at the college with curriculum-related employment in business and government agencies.  By supplementing classroom learning with practical work, you are able to obtain a more realistic and meaningful education experience.  Through an intership, you will:

    • Receive a realistic orientation to the world of work
    • Acquire skills needed to succeed in a job
    • Experience corporate cultures
    • Explore a particular field to reinforce your career choice
    • Apply classroom theory in a work setting
    • Develop professional work habits and skills

    Qualifications for Participation in the Internship and Cooperative Education Program:

    • Enrolled as a student at Prince George's Community College
    • Completion of 15 college credits, 6 of which must be in the major
    • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher
    • Attend an orientation to the program
    • Meet with a career advisor for referral to positions

    If you have any questions concerning Career Services, please send an email to