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  • December 16, 2011

    Dear Prince George's Community Culinary College Chefs,
    I am extremely grateful to all of you for your patience and diligent work with my students December 6, 2011. Everyone was excited when they came back to school. Many of them remarked on how great you were as teachers. They want to visit your institution more often because they felt that it was the best field trip they ever experienced. Many said that it completely changed their life.
    Some students who were very marginal in the cooking labs changed completely. They started coming early to class and have demonstrated knife skills that I have never witnessed from them before. Clean up time is no longer a problem. Time management now means something to them. They now realize that the world is not going to wait on them to prepare an entree.
    Please understand that the cooking workshop has been invaluable to me as a teacher because they now understand why they much execute skills taught to them. No longer am I getting the "it's not that serious" remarks. I am forever in your debt. My students are now serious about following instructions, perfecting cooking skills and techniques as well as getting things done in the kitchens on time. Again, thank you for a very pleasurable experience. Hope to see you again.

    Ms. Smith
    Charles Herbert Flowers High School
    FACS Department Chair; ProStart Teacher

    Dear Chefs,

    The experience I had at the PGCC kitchen was second to none. The real life situation was something that's hard to experience before college. I loved being able to work in the environment of organized chaos. It seems like a big mess at first but when the final product comes out everything is amazing. Food is my passion and this experience only made that passion burn stronger. I loved being able to learn some new techniques and terminology and also doing something I never did before which is making bread from scratch. This experience gave me even more drive, to push myself to become a better chef. I plan to use every technique we learned when I'm cooking, not just for me but everyone I cook for. Cooking is what I love to do it's my passion and field trips like this will help me and anyone else who loves cooking to better themselves and get a huge jump start on the competition to becoming a chef or restaurant owner. I thank you for taking time out of your day to help better my peers and I take a step in the right direction to making our dreams come true.

    Future Chef,
    Claude Bowlding

    Dear Prince George's County Community College Chefs,

         The experience you guys gave us was truly great. We were given the opportunity of a life time and really learned a lot. When Ms. Smith told us about the trip I really didn't know what to expect. I didn't know much about the Prince Georges Culinary Program or where it was even located. When we first arrived we were directed to a classroom where we sat and had a truly inspirational conversation with Chef Bryant and Chef Whitfield.
         During our time there we discussed the various fields that culinary had to offer. This was really helpful. Because it made me realize that it took much more than just being a good cook to be successful in this line of work. Also during our discussion both chefs shared their personal stories. This was very helpful because they were living proof on how to be successful in the culinary business.
         The second part of the day was us actually getting a "hands-on" opportunity in the kitchen. We learned how to bake, grill, cut, and decorate various dishes. The most enjoyable part of this opportunity for me was to actually cook alongside Chef. Whitfield. He showed me so many techniques in the kitchen; all of which I will continue to use to this day. This trip was unlike anything I ever experienced. I gained a ton of knowledge and I also found myself a true role-model in the process.

    Darrett Gorham Jr.

    During my experience I learned a few new techniques. I mostly worked with the pork tenderloin. I never was able to work with that particular meat so this was my first time. I learned about a few new seasonings and herbs that I'd never heard of or even thought to season meat with.After seasoning the meat I grilled it on the grill then placed the pork in the oven. While the pork was in the oven, I began creating the glaze that would soon be placed Over top of the pork. In a saucepan I placed blackberries, raspberries, I cup of water, 2 cups of sugar, and I cup of honey. I let it cook overtop of high heat for about 30 minutes so that it could reduce.

    Once it was nice and thick I then added some strawberries and a cup of white wine. Reducing the heat I let the sauce then simmer for about 15-20 minutes. After that I added another cup of white wine and removed the sauce from the heat. After the pork was finished cooking I took it out of the oven and removed it from the tray. Then I poured all the juices from the pork into the sauce to give it an extra "oomf". Next I began slicing the pork and layering it back into the tray in a rippled format. Once it was all cut up I then poured the glaze overtop of the meat. Placing the aluminum foil back over the pan I placed the pork back into the oven for another 5-7 minutes before it was complete.

    A'Leia Hicks

    Dear Chef Ed Whitfield,

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to talk with my peers and me. This experience opened up eyes more to what you said: "Being a chef is more than just cooking." I found out that it takes more than a chef to run a restaurant. It takes hospitality first, working with your team and having a love for what you do. I've always had a passion for cooking and baking pastries. I really loved the opportunity to be hands on and work with professionals and people who have a passion for what they do. In conclusion, I learned that I would love to work more with the back of the house and having my hands busy with what I love, food! I greatly appreciated the time you spent talking to my peers and me about some of our possible career goals and other various opportunities.

    Once again, thank you for all of your mentoring and advice and I look forward to hopefully working with you again.

    Charlisa Rivers

    I had an incredible experience on December 6, 2011 with cooking and learning more about the food industry working with my peers and Chefs such as Chef Princess and Director Chef Whitfield. That wonderful experience honestly opened up my mind more to what Director Chef Whitfield said: "Being a chef is more than just cooking." I found out that it takes more than a chef to run a restaurant. It takes hospitality first, team work and people who have a passion for what they do. I've always had a passion for working with people and seeing a smile on their face. Furthermore, I learned that I would love to work more with the front of the house and keeping people entertained. I sincerely appreciated the time he spent talking to my peers and I about some of our possible future endeavors, career goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. His advice was more than helpful and truly gave me a new perspective on my future ventures. I would also like to thank my beautiful teacher Mrs. Smith for the offering the opportunity to me and letting me see that the industry has more to offer than just being a great chef but also a business manager, an entrepreneur and more!

    Deonte' Richardson
    I really enjoyed and treasured the experience that I was able to receive by participating in this workshop. Being given an opportunity like this one really helped me in more ways than one. I've always had a passion for cooking and had aspirations to go to college and start a career in this field. Lately, I had been reconsidering going to college and even if I was good enough to compete in this field but this workshop sparked my love for food again. Being around people who have that drive and infatuation for food reminded me of why I loved food so much and made me reconsider my decision of not attending college.

    This workshop also taught me skills that I had not yet got the chance to learn. I learned so much in that little bit of time such as different spices and herbs. I was able to be exposed to different ways of cooking pork tenderloin and chicken. I also was introduced to rice pilaf and actually enjoyed it. Being able to work with those chefs was a immense feeling. It gave me the feel of a real kitchen with its constant movement and different tasks going on.

    I do recommend that you all keep these types of workshops going on because of the great impact it can cause on students. If I had it my way I would partake in these types of workshops a minimum of every other week. Even if these workshops couldn't happen that frequently even a one-time visit for a student would be a great opportunity that most people aren't lucky enough to experience. Thank you once again for giving me an opportunity such as this one, it has been greatly appreciated.

    Dear PGCC Chefs,

    I would like to thank you for inviting me to your culinary facility. It was an experience of a life time for me. The chefs taught me a few things I didn't know that day. We made ginger bread houses, sauteed meats, and made different types of breads. We did many more tasks but those were the most significant to me. I never knew there was so much incorporation of flavors when cooking. We went through more than one method just to cook chicken. I saw one of my coulees "caramelizing" fruits in a pot and was quite amazed. It was something that I learned that I'll never forget. I haven't been able to stop talking about the trip since I visited. We cook all the time in Pro-Start, but this time something felt different. We were using new cooking
    methods that we had never used in class. This trip was so amazing to me because I am very interested in the culinary field. During this trip I learned the cooking methods of braising, sauteing, and caramelizing.

    This letter shows my appreciation for inviting me to your facility. I hope to visit again very soon.

    Shon Brown

    Dear Chef Brian,

    I really enjoyed the time we had to spend with you on the field trip. You showed me various techniques that I wasn't used to. I learned how to make balsamic vinaigrette dressing from scratch and rice pilaf. Plus, I enjoyed both. Before the trip, I was still kind of sketchy about whether I actually wanted to become a chef, but now after my experience, I am certain I will be a chef. So, I would like to give you a formal "thank you" because you helped me be certain of what I want to do in life.

    Chayse Walker


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