Keyboarding or Typing Tests

  • Keyboarding Tests for Employment at PGCC

    The following forms of photo identification are accepted by Student Assessment Services for KEYBOARDING TESTS ONLY.

    • PGCC student or employee ID (w/name & photo)
    • Driver's License
    • Maryland State (MVA) ID card
    • Employer's ID (w/name & photo)
    • Passport
    • Military ID
    • Permanent Resident Card (I-151 or I-551)
    • Employment Authorization Card (I-688A)

    Examinees may not bring Food, Drink, Chewing Gum or Candy into the Center

    Any other item or material which the SAS staff determines to be a security risk or potentially disruptive or distracting will not be allowed.

    Only examinees are allowed in the Center

    Friends, family, children, spouses, etc., are not permitted

    No more than three keyboarding test attempts are allowed within a one-week period

    Tips for taking the Keyboarding Test:

    1. Press Tab before starting the first sentence/paragraph.
    2. At the end of each line, continue keying. Do not press Enter. The software will automatically wrap the sentence to the next line.
    3. Two spaces after a period before beginning the next sentence.
    4. Press Enter at the end of each paragraph. Then press Tab at the start of the next paragraph.
    5. At the end of the second paragraph, press Enter. Then press Tab and start again from the first paragraph.