Rules and Responsibilities for Students

  • Student Guidelines and Responsibilities

    PGCC Photo ID's are REQUIRED

    Students taking academic tests (any test or exam required by a course in which a student is enrolled at PGCC) are required to have their PGCC Student ID card, which must be presented to SAS Testing Center staff when checking in. Any student who does not present his/her valid PGCC Student ID card will not be allowed to take any academic tests. We encourage students to obtain a PGCC ID card as soon as possible after they have registered for classes and carry it with them on any PGCC campus.

    Prospective students without PGCC ID cards who want to take the placement test should refer to the placement test instructions.

    Personal property MUST be secured in lockers

    No personal property (including, but not limited to books, notes, purses, bags, phones, pagers, PDAs) is allowed at the testing stations. Lockers are provided for personal belongings at a 1 Quarter. Lockers will not lock without a quarter. Your quarter will be returned to you by the locker mechanism, when you retrieve your belongings. All personal possessions must be secured in lockers. Students must have quarters to use the lockers - change is not available from SAS staff. Change machines are located in vending areas around the campus.

    Examinees may not bring Food, Drink, Chewing Gum or Candy into the Center

    Any other item or material which the SAS staff determines to be a security risk, potentially disruptive or distracting for any reason is not allowed.

    What's my student ID number?

    After you applied and paid your application fee, the Admissions office assigned you a student ID number to be used for registration and all tests. You may find this number on your bill, on your schedule, or by logging into your Owl Link account.

    Your student ID number is also encoded in the bar code of your PGCC student ID card, which you are required to present when entering the testing center.

    Academic Dishonesty and Violations of the Rules

    The following Student Assessment Services rules have been established to insure fairness in the reporting of examination results and to protect the integrity of the examination process. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the denial of access to, or expulsion from, the SAS Center. Instances of suspected academic dishonesty may result in permanent expulsion from Student Assessment Services and the initiation of disciplinary proceedings as outlined in the College's Code of Conduct. All such occurrences will be documented and reported to the instructor and/or responsible administrator. Breaking any SAS rules is considered a violation of the College's Code of Conduct.

    Special needs testing accommodations

    Special needs students should contact Disability Support Services to obtain permission to test under exceptional circumstances. Any testing accommodation which conflicts with any Testing Center rule must be approved in advance by their director. Disability Support Services is located in Bladen Hall, Room 124. Their main telephone number is (301) 546-0838, TDD: (301) 546-0122.

    Only examinees are allowed in the Center

    Friends, family, children, spouses, etc. are not permitted

    Examinees may not leave the Center after testing has begun.

    Once an examination has been distributed, the student may not leave the room for any reason. If a medical condition exists which requires frequent use of restroom facilities, written permission must be obtained from Disability Support Services prior to an examination. Violation of this rule is considered academic dishonesty violation and will be treated and disciplined as such.

    Conduct while in the Student Assessment Services Center

    • Students are only allowed to have the following items at their testing stations: photo ID, pen/pencil, SAS locker key (if a locker is used) and an SAS-approved calculator (if allowed by the instructor). All other personal possessions brought into the Center, must be secured in lockers (which are coin-operated and require payment of a quarter). Any other item or material which the SAS staff determines to be a security risk or potentially disruptive or distracting will not be allowed.
    • Mobile phones, smartphones, and all electronic communication, data storage, or recording devices are prohibited and cannot be used as calculators or for any other purpose. Possession of these devices is a violation of academic integrity and is prohibited.
    • Communication with other students while testing is a violation of academic integrity and is prohibited.
    • Copying, retaining, or distributing examination questions is a violation of academic integrity and is prohibited.
    • Unauthorized use of computers, notes, books, or other study aids is a violation of academic integrity and is prohibited.
    • Once testing has begun, students cannot leave the Center until their test is submitted to the Student Assessment Services staff. Once submitted (or abandoned by unauthorized departure) a test cannot be resumed.
    • Food, drink, etc. are prohibited.
    • No children, family members, or friends are allowed in the testing center. No childcare is provided at the Center.
    • Disability accommodations must be requested through and approved by the Disability Support Services Office.
    • Students in the Testing Center are subject to strict proctoring and observation at all times.
    • Disruptive behavior is prohibited and may result in permanent expulsion from the Center and other student disciplinary measures. Examples of disruptive behavior include the following:
      • Talking in the testing area
      • Use of loud language
      • Use of profane or vulgar language
      • Abusive language directed toward staff or other student
      • Fighting
      • Loud laughing or screaming
      • Deliberately persistent annoying or distracting behavior quirks
      • Any other behavior which the SAS staff determines to be disruptive


    • Students may not take more than 2 tests for any one course on the same day
    • No entry to the testing center is permitted within 30 minutes of the posted closing time
    • Students must finish and submit their test at the posted closing time.
    • Students may only take one test at a time. A test must be submitted to SAS staff and checked out, before a student may begin another test.