Clubs and Organizations

  • Get Involved! 

    There is so much more to college than going to class and studying for class! Outside of academics, you should explore other opportunities to complement your college experience at Prince George’s Community College. College clubs, athletics, theatre performances, fine arts programs and lectures, all add depth and real world experience to round out your curriculum. There are a myriad of academic and social programs at PGCC, and they all provide an opportunity for personal growth and to meet other students with common interests.

    Among them…
    The Student Governance Association, Campus Activities Board, Kaleidoscope Club, Muslim Student Association, Honors Society, Gaming Society, Student Art League and to name just a few. For students interested in writing and the visual arts, there is The Owl, our student newspaper, and Reflections, our literary magazine that showcases student creative writing, artwork, and photography. In addition to all of that there are student trips, social activities and volunteer programs.
    There's never a shortage of things to do when you're on campus. Get involved in college life!
    • Aesthete’s League – to present students with a new look at fashion as a art form
    • African Student Union – to increase awareness of issues pertaining to the Continent of Africa
    • Asian Awareness – to promote understanding and knowledge of Asian culture through various activities
    • BAMN! (By Any Means Necessary) – to promote awareness and provide community outreach through artistic expressions and outreach events
    • Bethel Campus Fellowship – to lead students to Christ and prepare them to become reliable men and women that God can entrust with His Word
    • Biology Club – to provide interactive study and review for students who are taking biology courses
    • CAB (Campus Activities Board) – to develop, plan, coordinate and implement co-curricular programs for the college
    • Caribbean Student Association – to create a cultural and social awareness of the Caribbean community on campus
    • Club Impact – to help promote any and all kinds of positive changes among the community
    • Dynasty Dance Club – to present students all of the different styles of dance
    • Entertain Me – to explore and showcase various talents of PGCC students, through poetry, art, and other types
    • Fashion Fabrics Outreach Organization – to establish a clothing outreach on campus for PGCC students
    • Gaming Society – to provide an en environment for students to socialize and network through video games
    • Gospel Choir – to allow students to express themselves vocally through gospel music while enlightening their peers
    • Green N’ Fit – to promote awareness and practices of healthy, environmental-friendly choices while on and off campus
    • Honors Society – to promote academic excellence, fellowship, leadership and service through co-curricular activities
    • Image Inc – to educate students about the real modeling industry and types of style
    • Kaleidoscope Club – to promote global friendship and understanding of different cultures
    • Legacy Pom Squad – to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their school spirit by performing at games and school events
    • Math Club – to promote further interest in mathematics and help students understand math as a language of logic
    • Model United Nations – to promote participation in international study and simulation
    • Muslim Student Association – to clarify the meaning of the word Muslim and to bring the Muslims at the college together
    • Mu Alpha Theta – to promote enjoyment, understanding and excellence for mathematics among students
    • NOYPI Society – to spread awareness about the Filipino culture, arts, and values to the college, along with encouraging Filipino students to develop friendships with one another
    • Nursing Club – to empower future nurses through educational experiences and community service opportunities
    • The Owl Student Newspaper – to provide an outlet for student expression and reports activities of interest to students as the official newspaper of PGCC
    • Owl Tennis Club – to educate students on the game of tennis, such as competitive strategies and form
    • Pathways to Leadership Program – to promote the development of leadership skills through workshops, conferences, retreats & community service
    • Phi Theta Kappa – to promote scholarship, service and leadership for students. Rewards and recognizes academically outstanding students
    • Questions And Answers Bible Study – to provide answers to biblical questions that students may ponder with day and night
    • Reflections Literary Magazine – to provide a medium to showcase student short stories, artwork and photography
    • Starlight Anime Society – to educate and entertain people of the Japanese Anime culture
    • Student Art League – to learn and support students in the field of Art
    • Student Governance Association – to represent the ideas and concerns of the student body to the college community
    • W.I.S.E. – to provide and create an environment where women of all ages can meet and address social and academic issues on campus
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