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  •  Women’s Summit Planning Team Members 2014
    • Beth Y. Adkins, Counseling Services
    • Laura Ariovich, Office of Planning and Institutional
    • Clover M. Baker-Brown, Communications and Theatre
    • Candice D. Caldwell, Advising and Transfer Services
    • Catherine Camp, Student Development
    • Audrey Davis, Center for Professional Development
    • June L. Evans, Workforce Development and Continuing
    • Scheherazade W. Forman, Student Development Services
    • William N. Gardner, Student Assessment Services
    • Artelia C. Gillam, Marketing and Creative Services
    • Joseph C. Hamilton
    • Laura D. Harver, Retention
    • Cecelia A. Knox, Workforce Development and Continuing
    • Tyjaun A. Lee, Student Development Services
    • Katrina A. Mayo, Academic Affairs
    • Frank J. Phillips, Communications and Theatre
    • Rosa D. Smith, Student Development Services
    • Brenda D. Teal, Developmental Mathematics
    • Paul Van Cleef, Job and Work Based Learning
    • Rebecca G. Virta, Student Development Services
    • Yvette J. Snowden, Workforce Development and Community
    • Kalika R. White, Office of Finance
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    To equip and empower women students for success.

    What's a summit?
    A meeting or conference to discuss and exchange ideas on issues of common interest to those attending.

     Who may attend this summit?
    This summit is open to women students pursuing degree programs and workforce and continuing education. Participants are encouraged to bring a student ID for speedy registration.

    Why attend?      
    • Meet and interact with other students    
    • Hear inspirational stories of some faculty, staff, administrators    
    • Learn about Women of Wisdom (WOW)    
    • Dialogue with motivational presenters on topics from money, health, relationships, and more    


    Participants of the Women's Summit are invited to support PGCC Cares.   

    PGCC Cares is a college sponsored initiative whereby staff and faculty respond to students’ immediate needs with services, referrals, resources, and supplies.   

    Bring your spare change, or make a donation online through the Prince George's Community College Foundation.  Be sure to designate "PGCC Cares" in the notes section.