Youth At Work

  • Youth@Work/SYEP Job Readiness Training

    Youth@Work/SYEP Job Readiness Training is the college’s Summer Youth Enrichment Program for young people. The training is FREE to county residents ages 15-19. The training mimics the workplace, and is a safe environment where young people can demonstrate their proficiency and readiness for work. The curriculum supports the development of skills such as communication, customer service, and teamwork. Eligible students receive training in one of 14 leading career fields. Youth@Work/SYEP program completers receive placement preference in the Prince George’s County Summer Youth Enrichment Program, a six-week employment opportunity.

    Eligible participants must:

    • Be between the ages of 15-19 as of July 1
    • Live in Prince George’s County
    • Be able to fully comprehend materials written at or above a 4th grade reading level

    Youth are eligible to participate in the Summer Youth Enrichment program twice, or up to the age of 19.

    How to register

    The course is free, but registration is required.

    For more information, visit, or contact us at 301-546-1580.