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    Admission to Health Technology Programs

       The health technology programs listed below have limited enrollment capacity and rigorous academic standards. Each requires special procedures for admission, initial enrollment, and continuation in the program.

    Priority will be given to the admission of residents of Prince George’s County when possible. However, in programs designated as health manpower shortage programs (radiography, health information technology, respiratory therapy, EMT, nursing and nuclear medicine), 25 percent of the available seats will be reserved for residents of other Maryland counties until a priority registration deadline published in the schedule of classes has passed. Then all remaining seats will be made available without regard to county of residence.

       Students interested in petitioning for admission to any of these programs must first meet with a health technology advisor to obtain a list of admission criteria and prerequisite coursework. The petition for program admission should not be completed until all criteria have been met and the student is enrolled in the last prerequisite course.


    Special Advisement


    Nursing and Allied Health Programs Advising


    Bladen Hall, Room 124


    Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:30am – 8:00pm; Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm


    You must be present 1 hour before closing for full service


    301.322.0151Prior to registering for classes, it is strongly recommended that nursing and allied health program applicants meet with an adviser  to review special admissions procedures.


    Selective admissions programs (see list below) have clinical phases of coursework that must be completed to earn a degree or certificate. The courses in the clinical phases are open only to those students who have completed the selective admission process and are officially admitted to the clinical phase. Students officially admitted will be notified by letter from the Admissions Office.


    Students who are interested in selective admissions programs are first enrolled in prerequisite courses and are designated as "petitioners" for their program of choice. The majority of students spend at least two or more semesters taking prerequisites, or preparatory courses, to become eligible for admission to the clinical phase of their program.


    Selective, or limited enrollment, programs are:



    Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic

    Health Information Technology

    Nuclear Medicine Technology


    Respiratory Therapy


    Please contact  Advising Services for more information.  Advisers are available on a walk-in basis. For a check list of the entrance requirements to the Allied Health and Nursing Programs, click here.


    Special Admissions Criteria:  Nursing Programs

    The Nursing Programs have limited enrollment capacities and rigorous academic standards, and require additional procedures for selective admission, initial enrollment, and continuation in the programs.  Therefore, there is a special process, called petitioning, associated with admission into each program.  Admission to the college does not guarantee admission into any of the nursing programs.  Admission is competitive and proper academic advisement is essential for success.

    Minimum standards must be met for program consideration.  If there are more petitioners than seats in a class, then students will be ranked according to their cumulative GPA in all general education courses required by the program in question, not just those which are required to petition.  Students with the best GPAs for the greatest number of required general education courses will be admitted first, followed by those with lower GPAs and fewer completed courses, until the class is filled.

    Petitioning Deadline Dates and Prerequisites

    Nursing Options

     Nursing Programs Admission Process

    Students must petition for admission to the Nursing Programs.  To begin the petitioning process, the student must first meet with an adviser to obtain a list of admission criteria and prerequisite coursework.  The petition for program admission should not be completed until all criteria have been met and the student is enrolled in and attending NUR 1000 or NUR 1010.

    Students will be given a petition for admission to a Nursing Program from their instructor during NUR 1000 or NUR 1010.  The completed petition will be turned in to the Admissions and Records Office.

    The Nursing Programs require a minimum 2.50 GPA for admission, and students must satisfactorily complete prerequisite courses with a C or higher, prior to petitioning.  Students may repeat each course only once to achieve the required grade.

     Background Check
    A criminal background check is required of all students in the Nursing Programs. Continued participation in the programs is contingent upon a satisfactory response on the background check.  All information on the background check remains confidential and is only shared with the requesting clinical agencies.  If a clinical agency denies clinical placement for a student because of the background check, that student may not be able to complete the clinical program.