Payment and Refund Policies

  • Payment Methods

    You may pay using the following methods:

    • In person using cash, personal check, money order, or credit cards—MasterCard, Discover or VISA.

    • By mail with a check or money order.

    • Online through the college’s Web site( linking to Owl Link, or through

    • By use of properly documented financial aid and scholarships.

    • By use of the college’s authorized payment plan, NBS/FACTS, also available online.

    Refund Policy & Refund Deadlines

    All refunds are calculated based upon the number of calendar days (not class days) that have elapsed since a class began, to include the first day of class. The deadline is therefore no longer a specific date for all courses; each section is refunded according to its own starting date. One set of rules applies to courses longer than five weeks in length; another applies to those of less than five weeks in duration.

    For courses longer than five weeks in length, the following refund periods apply:
            •    Course dropped prior to the start of class: 100%
            •    Course dropped on the 1st or 2nd calendar day before midnight: 100%
            •    Course dropped on the 3rd through the 9th calendar day before midnight: 75% 
            •    Course dropped on the 10th through the 14th calendar day before midnight: 50%
            •    Course dropped the 15th calendar day or later: No refund.

    For courses five weeks or shorter,the following refund periods apply:
            •    Course dropped prior to the start of class: 100%
            •    Course dropped on the 1st or 2nd calendar day before midnight: 100%
            •    Course dropped the 3rd calendar day before midnight: 75%
            •    Course dropped the 4th calendar day or later: No refund.

    The effective date for calculation of a refund for a credit course shall be the date the withdrawal form is filed in the Office of Admissions and Records or the date the transaction is successfully completed through Owl Link.

    In addition, the following apply:

    1. No refund of registration fee or late registration fee.
    2. One hundred percent (100%) refund if the class is canceled or rescheduled by the college.
    3. No refunds will be given after the deadlines listed in the refund schedule above.
    4. Refunds of payments made by credit card will go back to that card as a credit.
    5. All other refunds are issued electronically according to the preference set by the student at  No paper checks will be issued.

    NOTE: No refunds after the periods indicated. (The college reserves the right to make changes in the aforementioned schedule as required.) Please note that exchanging a course that is past its refund deadline for another course in effect constitutes a refund. This will not be done after the refund deadline except to correct placement in sequential courses.

    BankMobile Debit Cards (Formerly PGCC Owl Debit Cards)

    All credit students will receive a debit card issued through BankMobile.  It will be mailed to the address of record at the college.  This card is very important and must be activated in order to set up a preference for the way refunds from the college to the student will be delivered.  This includes financial aid rebates and VA reimbursements.

    Students may choose to heave refunds and rebates processed as deposits to their BankMobile Debit Card or they may choose to have refunds electronically deposited in another bank account specified on the BankMobile Debit Card activation site.  The college no longer issues paper checks.

    Returned Checks

    If the college receives final notice of a check being returned for any reason prior to the start of a semester, you will be dropped from all classes with no financial obligation other than the return check fee and registration fee. All checks are deposited twice. If the college receives final notification of the returned check on or after the first day of the semester, you will not be dropped from classes. You will remain enrolled unless you personally withdraw or otherwise adjust your schedule during the refund period. At the end of that period, you, the student, will be liable for tuition and fees for all remaining courses plus the return check fee, regardless of whose check was used to pay your tuition. No grades will be released or transcripts issued until the indebtedness has been paid.

    Delinquent Accounts

    Delinquency in payment of any amount due from a student or former student to the college or under any loan program
    administered by the college, or failure of financial aid recipients to complete an exit interview before leaving the college will result in denial of registration, exclusion from classes, withholding of grades and transcripts. The college employs the services of the State Central Collection Unit (SCCU). One of the SCCU measures is to refer delinquent accounts to the credit bureau. If your delinquent account is referred to the credit bureau, it will remain on your credit report for the next seven years. If your delinquent account is referred to a collection agency, you will be held liable for all collection costs incurred in addition to the delinquent amount due. These collection costs can add up to one-third additional expense to your indebtedness to the college.