Contract Training

  • Expanding the capacity of your workforce

    PGCC delivers high-quality customized workforce training that impacts your business’ bottom line and encourages future success. 

    Expert instruction. Cost-effective options. Flexible scheduling.

    The most profitable and consistently competitive private companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations know that the proven key to sustainable success is a commitment to workforce training. Well-planned, focused training that targets your specific needs can help deliver vital solutions to your business. Your organization will benefit by an enhanced workflow, increased employee morale, and a workforce with vested interest in meeting and exceeding your organization’s goals.

    Selecting the right workforce training provider is critical to accelerating your business. Our instructors and program facilitators are expert practitioners in their field. More than just book knowledge, they’ve been on the ground, working the line, and making the same tough decisions that you have to make. Looking for training that is uniquely task, industry, or need specific? PGCC can create a fully customized solution just for your business.

    While selecting the best of the best, you’ll also find that PGCC’s workforce training options are both affordable and flexible. PGCC training contracts work for you by giving your business the freedom to pursue new opportunities and develop new solutions with the assurance that your staff and infrastructure will meet the challenges of these growth initiatives.

    PGCC works when it comes to:

    • Convenient training on our campus, at your office, or in a neutral location.
    • Classes during lunch, after work, or weekend scheduling that limits impact on your workflow.
    • In-person, online, teleconferencing, or consortium training delivery with maximum impact.
    • Unique professional training, skill certifications, and educational degree options.

    PGCC delivers excellence when it comes to training your workforce.

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