Developmental English/Reading Department

  • What We Do

    The Developmental Reading and English program provides students with an opportunity to strengthen their skills in reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and critical thinking. Students take Developmental Reading and English in order to prepare for credit level English, and all courses with a reading prerequisite at the college. The Developmental Reading and English program also emphasizes study and test-taking strategies, and computer laboratory skills - all important for success in college.

    Coursework covers aspects of reading, language and composition skills, including:

    • subjects and verbs
    • fragments and run-on sentences
    • sequence of tenses
    • sentence structuring
    • writing clear, effective paragraphs
    • vocabulary comprehension
    • identifying main ideas, details and facts vs. opinion


    The Next Steps

    Visit the department  or speak to an academic advisor to find out which courses can best support your college success. For additional help with writing, take advantage of the services offered at the Tutoring and Writing Centers.

    How Do I Apply?