English Department

  • What We Do

    The Prince George's Community College English Department is dedicated to teaching students to reach university-level standards in reading, writing, and thinking. The department serves both the College's general education mission and its goals of university transfer and career preparation,

    • by providing English composition instruction to help students research, think, and write clearly for college career and personal growth;
    • by encouraging students to analyze complex personal and universal themes in the world's fiction, poetry, and drama.

    Focused on learning and committed to high-quality education for all students, the English Department delivers courses to support diverse schedules, interests, learning styles, cultures and career paths.  In pursuit of this goal, faculty members continually develop and demonstrate content expertise and instructional effectiveness throughout their careers, as well as contribute to college life beyond the classroom.

    What You Get

    • English Option of General Studies
    • Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.) 61-62 credits
    • Courses in writing and literature that fulfill general education requirements for graduation and transfer.   

    Where You'll Go

    Students who major in English from our College can transfer into liberal arts and sciences programs and professional programs at four year schools.

    Credits earned at Prince George's Community College can be transferred to four-year institutions towards a bachelor’s degree.

    The Next Steps

    Visit the department to talk to a faculty member, or see an academic advisor to find out if a program in this division is the right fit for you.

    How Do I Apply?



  • Honors Academy
  • Contact Information

    Dr. Paul Madachy, Chair


    Marlboro Hall, 3078


    (301) 546-0567

    Email us:


  • This is a department within the Humanities, English and Social Sciences

     The Humanities, English and Social Sciences includes a diverse array of programs and courses in areas such as Art, Music, Philosophy, English, Foreign Languages, English as a Second Language, Speech, Theatre, History, and many more.