History, Political Science, Geography, & Anthropology Department

  • What We Do

    The Department of History, Political Science, Geography, and Anthropology offers a broad range of courses in each of the department’s three disciplines and in African American Studies.
    Most of our courses are general education courses that meet the history and social sciences requirements in the college’s various transfer programs, while a limited number of more specialized courses are also offered. Our courses are readily transferable, both within the state and nationally. Many are available online as well as in the traditional classroom setting. 
    The department offers several honors versions of our courses within the college’s Honors Program, and oversees the African American Studies, International Studies, and Women's Studies options in the General Studies Program.

    What You Get

    While maintaining a broad range of courses within each of the department’s disciplines, the focus of the department will be on global studies, local studies and African American studies. Our course offerings will be designed to meet the changing needs and interests of students. The critical thinking component of all of our courses will be substantially enhanced, both through written examinations and assignments and in classroom activities.

    Where You'll Go

    For students seeking to obtain a bachelor's degree, credits earned by successfully completing courses in this department may be transferred to most four-year, degree-granting colleges and universities and applied towards that degree.

    The Next Steps

    Visit the department to talk to a faculty member or speak to an academic advisor to find out if a program in the department is the right fit for you.

    How Do I Apply?

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  • Department Contact

    Dr. Korey Brown, Chair


    Marlboro Hall, 2028


    (301) 546-0535

    Email us:


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