Language Studies Department


    What we do

    The Department of Language Studies offers courses through the second year college level in English as a Second Language, French, and Spanish. First year students acquire proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing the language of their choice. Second year students continue building language proficiency while being introduced to the culture and more specialized topics in history, culture, and literature of the countries where the language is spoken. At all levels the classes are conducted in the target language. Acquisition of language is supported extensively by a modern Language Computer Lab equipped with the latest computer technology.


     The Department of Language Studies' goals for the students at PGCC are

    • Proficiency in ESL, French, or Spanish
    • Ability to understand other languages and cultures
    • Enhanced employment opportunities

    French and Spanish credits earned at PGCC can be used to fulfill general education requirements for an A.A. degree or transferred to four-year institutions towards a bachelor’s degree.

    The Next Steps

    Successful completion of the English as a Second Language sequence prepares students for credit-level college courses.

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  • Language Studies Dept
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    Mrs. Ennis N Allen, Chair


    Center for Health Studies 2408


    (301) 546-0621

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