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Food Sovereignty: Growing Urban Farmers and Farms

More and more people want to know how, where and by whom the food they eat is grown. Too often the answer is far away, by big machines, with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This program is about another way of producing food: certified naturally grown and near to the people who eat it. It is about creating an accountable, local and healthy food system for all.

ECO City Farms--a Prince George’s County urban teaching and learning farm--offers a year-long Intensive Beginning Urban/Suburban Farmer Apprenticeship Program that covers a wide range of farm and food production skills, as well as the construction, business and management knowledge required of a successful urban farmer and food marketer.

This program consists of both in-class and on-farm instruction at ECO City Farm sites in Edmonston and Bladensburg.

The coursework begins with PGCC's AGR 319: An Intensive Introduction to Urban Commercial Agriculture. AGR 319 is a major component of the larger program with a well-tested, graphics-rich, culturally-appropriate curriculum. You can register for the 9-week course by itself via Owl Link, the college's online registration system, or apply to be part of the year-long program here.

A PGCC Continuing Education Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of AGR 319, and a number of competency-based badges will be issues upon mastery of specific farm production competencies.

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