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Proficiency Exam

On the last night of class, students will complete a diagnostic test-NWAM (Net Words A Minute) which will determine their overall proficiency.

ComputerSkills Beginners

Our Keyboarding classes are designed to teach students the fundamentals of using the keyboard. Topics include speed and accuracy, using home keys, alpha keys, punctuation, number keys and how to use online keyboarding resources. Students will also learn how to create, edit, and save word processing documents and learn posture tips to minimize fatigue and help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF TEXTBOOK:Keyboarding Course Lessons 1-25, 20th edition bySusie H. Vanhuss (Author), Connie M. Forde (Author), Donna L. Woo (Author), Vicki Robertson (Author) ISBN978-1337103251

OFC-314 Introduction to Keyboarding     1.8 CEUs
Keyboarding is needed for computer familiarity. Finger placement, basic computer parts, typing speed and accuracy are taught. This hands-on class prepares you with the skills needed for other computer training. Text/software is available at Howard Community College or Prince George's Community College Bookstore.
6 sessions, $144* (includes a $60 lab fee)

41143 9/25 10/30 6:30PM 9:30PM Tue Laurel College Center

OFC-388 Keyboarding   (ed2go course)     2.4 CEUs
Learn how to touch-type (type text without looking at your keyboard) with Keyboarding Pro 5, a typing tutorial designed for personal computers. In addition to touch-typing, you will learn computer and word processing basics, useful keyboard shortcuts, and posture tips. You must register for this course with Prince George's Community College and on
12 sessions, $140 (includes a $65 lab fee)

34424 W/F starts 8/15 online
39965 W/F starts 9/12 online
40208 W/F starts 10/17 online
40374 W/F starts 11/14 online
40698 W/F starts 12/12 online