Web Design/Web Management


Web Design and Management Certificate

This 5-course Web Design and Management certificate program is now available in a combination of traditional classroom-taught courses and on line classes. This certificate program is designed to build and enhance the student's skill in designing and developing applications for both personal and professional use. To start this program, students must have knowledge of the Windows directory and file structures, be able to work comfortably with various browsers, and have at least an intermediate knowledge of the Internet. Students who successfully complete the following courses will be eligible to receive the certificate:

  • Responsive Web Design: Part 1
  • Responsive Web Design: Part 2
  • Responsive Web Design: Part 3
  • 2 additional “DPR” and/or "VID" courses as listed in the schedule of classes

DPR 892 Responsive Web Design I    1.5 CEU

This first course in the series is to learn HTML and CSS simultaneously.  Acquire the latest knowledge concepts of HTML, CSS and Javascript to the next level by learningto style and design beautiful mobile responsive websites with the Bootstrap framework. Implement easy and concise drag and drop techniques to create websites that scale to fit any mobile device screen for greater engagement with your website's target audience. Learn to master the basic of web layout without coding.  Please bring a USB drive to the first class. 5 sessions, $240* (includes a $100 lab fee)

46152 M/W 2/4 - 2/20 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CAT 135

DPR 894 Responsive Web Design II   1.5 CEUs

This second course will take your web design skills up a notch! Learn how to use Coffee Cup built-in tools to manage elements and modify components, including how to change layouts, modify font properties and appearances in minutes. Expand your knowledge of responsive design by going deeper into using Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) class selectors, columns, grids, font icons and glyphs, and embedded multimedia objects like video, interactive elements and more. Please bring a USB drive to the first class.
5 sessions, $240* (includes a $100 lab fee)

46480 M/W 2/27 - 3/13 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CAT 135

DPR 895 Responsive Web Design III     1.5 CEUs

In this final course you will learn advanced responsive design techniques for creating engaging front pages that use background video and carousels to excite and attract attention. Dive deeper into design and typography tools for creating stunning website layouts, including flexbox and other advanced elements. Please bring a USB drive to the first class.
5 sessions, $240* (includes a $100 lab fee)

46481 M/W 3/25 - 4/8 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CAT 135