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 JCL-366. The Millionaire Mindset at Any Age.  In the world of achievement, mindset is everything! WHAT we think about and HOW we think about it determines where we go and what we do in life. While we cannot control life’s circumstances, we can control the way we THINK! Noted speaker and author of “The Student Millionaire,” Rich Patenaude shares the 10 key elements of the mindset to guarantee both success and wealth. Classroom delivery, 1 session, 2.0 hours (NEL $25)

 JCL-378.  Myers-Briggs: You In Depth.  Assessing your personality through the Myers-Briggs Type II Indicator® can help you plan your career at every stage: from your choice of subjects in school to choosing your first career, advancing in your organization or retooling for a changing career later in life. Personality typing uses a simple, practical questionnaire to investigate what environments, tasks, and interactions work best for you. Knowing that, you can define an individual development plan to layout your future goals. Classroom delivery, 4 sessions, 12.0 hours (NEL $106/50) 

JCL-369. Jumpstart Your CareerSpinning your wheels as you seek a job or new opportunity? This course will help identify the problems and mistakes that affect a successful job search while helping to explore what personally motivates you. Through discussions and activities, create “SMART” goals, career objectives, and practice interview skills and salary negotiations. Learn the importance of a holistic, balanced lifestyle that creates good physical and emotional health. Classroom delivery, 2 sessions, 4.0 hours (NEL $59)

 JCL-363. Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search.  Get the job you want that best meets your needs -- regardless of your expertise or economy. Get complete step-by-step instructions on how to build rapport with the interviewer, while mastering the six phases of a successful job interview. This motivational course will increase your confidence, help you feel great about yourself, and provide the foundation you need to get the job you want. Online delivery from Ed2Go. 12 sessions, 24 hours (EL $150)

 JCL-359. Resume Writing.  Create an effective resume or transform the one you have into a powerful tool to market YOU. Topics include resume formats on paper and online, employment objectives, maximizing your work experience, what to (and what not to) reveal, overcoming work history gaps and age discrimination, how to use references. With skills like these, you might decide to write resumes for profit. Online delivery from Ed2Go. 12 sessions, 24 hours (EL $150)