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Floral Certificate Information

Upon completion of OCU-338, OCU-376, and OCU-377, Students may contact us at 301-546-0158 for course verification. Once successful completion has been verified, students will receive their Floral Design Certificate.

Floral Design

Floral design is the art of using flowers and other materials found in nature (or silk facsimiles) to create a pleasing and balanced composition for the enjoyment of people in their homes, professional settings, and for special occasions. The art of floral design also includes making wreaths, floral bows, garlands, etc. This art is arguably as old as mankind as Ancient Egyptians already featured refined floristry. While the craft of floral design is a popular expression of personal creativity, it is also an essential component of the hospitality industry. From the six foot tall floral masterpieces in the lobbies of major hotels and casinos to the dainty bed-side arrangements in quaint bed-and-breakfasts, floral design often sets the tone in an environment. Today, many grocery stores are adding full service floral departments, making flowers more accessible to the general public.

Employment Trends

  • The outlook for jobs in floral design is very good. Most cities already have small flower shops.
  • Turnover rates in this profession are high because the pay is low, so getting your start in floral design is easier than in other design careers.
  • As the population grows and more stores sell flowers, sending flowers to mark an occasion is likely to become more common. In addition, many flowers are imported from other countries, which keeps the cost of flowers down. More people are likely to buy flowers when the price is low.
  • Though a love of flowers and an artist’s eye are essential, it’s equally important for a floral designer to have good people skills, for it’s a very personal kind of business

Successful completion of each course earns a Certificate of Completion. Successful completion of all three courses earns a Certificate of Mastery.

Course Number Course Name Hours
OCU 338 Basic Floral Design 16
OCU 376 Advanced Floral Design 16
OCU 335 Advanced Seasonal and Event Design 16
  Program Core Total  48