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Motorcycle Policies

In order to successfully complete the licensing program and receive a Maryland MVA certificate for Class M license endorsement, students must comply with the following Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s policies: 1. Students must report to all classes promptly at the stated time and must attend all sessions. 2. If a student is not present as required in the classroom or on the range, he/she will not be permitted to participate in the class or continue in the program. 3. All applicants under 18 years of age, and all new drivers regardless of age, must have satisfactorily completed an approved driver education course. Please see Driver Education course (SKB-600).

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Our Motorcycle Safety Program for Class M licensing is designed for both beginning and experienced riders. Courses are taught by instructors trained and certified by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Successful motorcycling is not just a matter of being careful and having good instincts; it requires specialized knowledge, skills, techniques, and strategies. If you have never ridden, are self-taught or have learned from friends, you will benefit from our professional training.

Note: It is an MVA requirement that all students must complete an online Motorcycle Safety Foundation course as part of the licensing program. Information about the online course will be given on the first day of class.

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About our courses

Courses consist of both classroom and range (on-motorcycle) sessions. A training motorcycle will be reserved for your use when you register for the Basic Rider Course (BRC) or Alternative Basic Rider Course (ABRC). Students must come to the range sessions prepared to ride by wearing a long-sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants, sturdy low-heeled shoes or boots that cover the ankle-bone, full-fingered leather or other good-grip gloves, a Department of Transportation (DOT)-certified helmet that completely covers the ears and eye protection (face shield, goggles, or even ordinary spectacles or sunglasses). The program will provide helmets, gloves and eye protection on loan while the course is in session. Classes ride rain or shine. Water is provided during all classes. Saturday and Sunday students should bring a snack or bag lunch.

Class M Licensing

Students who are currently licensed in Maryland (with a Class-C license) and successfully complete the BRC or ABRC courses will receive a Maryland MVA Certificate of Completion. This certificate must be presented to any full service MVA (in addition to a vision exam and paying a licensing fee) to receive your Class-M (motorcycle) license endorsement. This endorsement is required if you wish to legally ride motorcycles on public roads. Out-of-state residents will receive a Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program completion card only and should check with their hometown MVA to see if this card will be accepted for licensing. Students who successfully complete the BRC, ABRC or BRC2 course will receive a Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program completion card. You should present this card to your insurance company for possible premium discounts.

Course Descriptions:

Basic Rider Course (BRC)
Course OCC-361

Alternative Basic Rider Course (ABRC)
Course OCC-419

Motorcycle Safety: Experienced (BRC2)
Course OCC-365

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance
Course OCC-354

Motorcycle Mechanics and Repair
Course OCC-376     2.4 CEUs

Introduction to Motorcycle Touring
Course OCC-418

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