Introduction to Security Clearance and Background Checks

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The need for a security status is prevalent in all industries. All occupational specialties require employers to have a pool of potential employees who have the ability to meet and pass the challenges of rigorous background checks or security clearance screening processes. This course is developed by Prince George's Community College's Cyber Pathways Across Maryland (CPAM) grant, a grant designed to promote cyber security awareness among 14 different colleges and eventually across Maryland.

This course will prepare students to navigate the delicate and often complex process of seeking, obtaining, and maintaining a security clearance and background and checks. Emphasis will be placed on how to recognize, identify, and avoid actions and behaviors that hinder the process. It is designed for those seeking employment with the federal government or for the intelligence community; diplomatic and other government agencies; law enforcement; and the health care industry.

As a result of this course students will:

  • Describe the purpose, types and benefits of a security clearance and background checks
  • Identify components of the application process: questionnaires, forms, fingerprint, background check, interview
  • Complete and critique data from the security clearance application form
  • Describe the transferability of various security clearances
  • Evaluate the implications of personal lifestyle choices on the security clearance process
  • Evaluate the implications of you and your family’s personal associations (including online) on the security clearance process
  • Examine how an individual’s personal behavior (including online) can impact the polygraph process

The course is open to students in Cybersecurity or Information Technology Programs 

Students must be 18 years or older to register 

Introduction to Security Clearance and Background Checks 

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