Water Aerobics

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Registration for Winter 2018 Water Aerobics classes began November 6, 2017.

Registration for Spring 2018 classes begins February 26, 2018.

Our courses
We offer three types of water aerobics classes:
  • SWM-316 Water Aerobics: General conditioning through a variety of movements in chest to shoulder-deep water.
  • SWM-317 Deep Water Aerobics: No-impact exercise conducted in 13 feet of water. Flotation devices provided. Non-swimmers who are not fearful of deep water are welcome.
  • SWM-321 Power Deep Water Walking: Intense workout incorporating strength, toning and cardiovascular movements while pushing through the water.
Class schedules
We offer weekday and Saturday classes. Please click the link at the left to see our complete schedule of classes.

Register online at www.pgcc.edu/owllink.
Contact us at LearnToSwim@pgcc.edu or 301-546-0979.

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