Fine Arts and Crafting

Music Image, Ian Sax
Life without art is stupid...
Art is much less important than LIFE, But what a POOR life without it.
Robert Motherwell, 1915-1991

This year, PGCC Community Enrichment and Lifelong Learning set the objective to expand the number and breadth of Art, Music, and Creative Writing courses. We want you to have more creative options in which you can grow, expand… and even dabble! Try something new! There more than 20 unique courses to choose from in the current term alone.

Please see OWL LINK for the most current list of available classes! 

Fine Arts and Crafting

ART-363. Abstract Collage.   Expand your artistic range and explore abstract design using the medium of collage. Practice with various approaches and materials including collage papers and a cache of other materials. The fundamentals of composition will be examined as well as the exploration of shape, color and texture to guide you through the development and completion of mixed media pieces. Instructor: Sharon Robinson has extensive experience as a gallery artist and adult educator. Classroom delivery, 2 sessions, 7 hours.

ART-402. Paper Frenzy.   When paint and construction paper just aren't enough, invent your own artistic mediums! Leave with a glorious collection of one-of-a-kind papers enhanced with acrylic paint, watercolor, inked stamps, and other composite materials. Create a supply of craft materials composed of various weights, textures and patterns by using new techniques and original ideas to explore the world of artistic form. Classroom delivery, 2 sessions, 6 hours.

ART-345. Drawing for the Absolute Beginner.   Are you interested in drawing, but don't know how to get started? Is a studio class too intimidating without having proven your talent? This introduction to art and illustration will give you a creative foundation while you learn about the many tools available to artists -- paper types, drawing styles, rendering techniques, and the basic principles of perspective, layout, design, lighting, and volume. Get in touch with your creative right brain. Delivered online line from Ed2Go. 2 sessions, 24 hours.

ART-366.  Comics and Graphic Novels.   Create and draw your own comic or graphic novel. Starting with a loose concept, students will learn to convey a story through imagery by learning tricks for creating memorable characters and impactfull perspectives leading to thumbnails and clean finalized pages. Build a solid platform to start and grow as you explore popular medium. Materials required are a sketchbook, standard pencils, a ruler, and lined notebook. Classroom delivery, 3 sessions, 9 hours.

ART-406. Open Studio.   This supportive and synergistic environment provides a workspace for both novice and experienced students to work independently and/or explore other art mediums. During each session, the instructor will introduce a medium with inspirational demonstrations, instruction, coaching, and critique. Students can work at their own pace on new or ongoing projects and also participate through sharing and group discussion. Bring your own art materials on the first day of class. Classroom delivery, 4 sessions, 12 hours.

ART-409. Creative Rubber Stamping.   Rubber stamping is the process of transferring an image by pressing a form onto another media using inks and paints. Commercial rubber forms, sure; but in this class we’re making our own! Shapes and textures on sponges, wood, carved potatoes (the media are unlimited) can transform the ordinary into something special! Cards and stationary to gift wrap and hand-printed fabrics; your imagination is the limit. New techniques using inexpensive materials will be introduced each week. Classroom delivery, 4 sessions, 18 hours.

ART-410.  Introduction to Portraiture.  Drawing is a fundamental part of the human experience, and what can be more expressive than the human face? Using a variety of traditional media -- charcoal, graphite, paint – this class focuses on rendering human expression and figurative proportion to reveal thought, personality, and station. Students will develop both technical and perceptual skills through composition structure, color, light, texture, and media handing. In-class assignments and critiques will include life sources, photographs, and master drawings. Classroom delivery, 8 sessions, 24 hours.

ART-411. Painting Acrylic Fantasies.   It all begins in your mind, and the colors run into and out of your fingers. A mighty dragon raises its head, covered in shiny scales… It's so real you can almost touch it! Bring it to life on your canvas with acrylic paints. It’s relatively inexpensive,water-soluble, quick-drying and comes in colors that defy the imagination. Emphasis will be form and composition, color and brushwork, and the detail that characterizes reality. No experience necessary. Classroom delivery, 6 sessions, 18 hours.