Art and Creativity

Music Image, Ian Sax
Art is much less important than LIFE, But what a POOR life without it. Robert Motherwell, 1915-1991

This year, PGCC Community Enrichment and Lifelong Learning set the objective to expand the number and breadth of Art, Music, and Creative Writing courses. We want you to have more creative options in which you can grow, expand… and even dabble! Try something new! There more than 20 unique courses to choose from in the current term alone.

Please see OWL LINK for the most current list of available classes!

Life without art is stupid.         (unknown)


Fine and Graphic Arts

ART-366 Comics and Graphic Novels
Create and draw your own comic or graphic novel. Starting with a loose concept, students will learn the art of conveying story through imagery. Learn tricks for creating memorable characters, impactful poses and perspectives, effective thumbnails, and clean finalized pages. Build a solid platform to start and grow as you explore the medium. Materials required are a sketchbook, standard pencils, a ruler, and lined notebook. Instructor: Erin Novack, freelance graphic novelist and animator. 3 sessions.

ART-345 Drawing for the Absolute Beginner
Are you interested in drawing, but don't know how to get started? Is a studio class too intimidating without having proven your talent? This introduction to art and illustration will give you a creative foundation while you learn about the many tools available to artists -- paper types, drawing styles, rendering techniques, and the basic principles of perspective, layout, design, lighting, volume, and space. Get in touch with your creative right brain. Online from Ed2Go. Instructor: Chad Walker, computer game artist and comic book illustrator. 12 sessions.

Music and the Performing Arts

MUS-449  Sing Heartily: A Choral Ensemble
Group singing, unison, parts, and musical literacy are the passions of professional soprano and guest soloist, Nancy Almquist. Voice faculty at Washington Conservatory of Music, she is an experienced song-leader and loves to encourage singing from the heart. The class will also explore vocal health, the speaking voice and singing as an integral part of life. Music selections will be based on the group’s skill levels and musical experiences, while stimulating skill development and exploration. Instructor: Nancy Almquist, soprano soloist. 8 sessions.

MUS-347  Breaking Into The Music Business
With today’s rocket growth of streaming and online music sharing, this is not your father’s music business anymore! As the creative aspects of music change, grow and encompass new sound, video, and distribution technologies; you must know your rights and protect your entitlements as an artist. This course covers the seven essential aspects of music administration: creative structure, copyright laws, publishing industry sources, performance rights, songwriter agreements, and contract standards. Successful student testimonial online! Instructor: Cecil T. Ford, Noble Establishments. 2 sessions.

Creative Writing

SKB-491  The Art of Playwriting
If you have a passion for the stage, start here. A professional playwright will guide you through dramatic writing and improvisational theater techniques by examining a range of modern authors. Short writing assignments will help you overcome writers’ block while developing intensity in characters, setting and plot. In class readings and critiques will help you deepen your impact by creative use of sound, rhythm, dialogue and imagery -- resulting in a polished 10 minute play. Instructor: Ebony Rosemond, playwright. 8 sessions.

DPR-930  Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners
Do you have something to share? Want to post it on the Internet? This course is for you! Blogs (words) and podcasts (audio, video) are the new mode of creative expression -- now available to users with little to no computer experience. Through hands-on exercises, you'll plan content and long-term maintenance, and use free software to put that plan into action. You'll learn to record professional-sounding audio/video podcasts with a simple recording tool you already have. You'll edit content with another free program, add music, and post it online for others to enjoy. It's easy! Instructor: Online from Ed2Go, John Agress, news anchor, writer, and producer.12 sessions.